The project is to facilitate knowledge exchange and to strengthen the expertise and research capabilities of the Pembangunan Jaya Center for Urban Studies (CUS) in urban sustainability through medium- to long-term academic cooperation between Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) and Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) through research, education, and advice

  1. Research: the project deals with an increasingly pressing challenge in Indonesia, i.e. the changing role of private developers in sustainable urbanization, taking the case of private cities in Jabodetabekpunjur. Research is oriented towards the question of how private cities which have been built in Indonesia since the 1970s and which are still managed by private developers can be made more sustainable, and which strategies and criteria developers should apply in future in order to better contribute to making cities more sustainable.
  2. Education: the project puts emphasis on building respective expertise on urban sustainability regarding advanced students and next generation researchers through the support to develop a respective master program with a structured educational and research program at UPJ. 
  3. Advice: the project will contribute to elaborate guidelines on how to develop and provide advisory services, with special attention to private developers, state and municipal authorities, as well as civil society organizations regarding urban sustainability. It will help to identify in which fields UPJ should develop urban outreach activities for communities.